Rainbow SRX

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Rainbow SRX, Independently certified by AHAM® as air cleaner. Air Wash – Deodorize- Sanitize – Aromatize all while using the latest Rainbow SRX. In addition latest Rainbow SRX is Certified to remove and capture allergens form your environment.

10 Year motor and electronics warranty, available exclusively through us.

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Optional Accessories include Rainbow SRX AquaMate, RainbowMate, RainJet, MiniJet, JetPad and More.

By utilizing additional accessories you will be able to shampoo carpets, mop tiles and even deep-clean/shampoo furniture cushions, deep clean your mattress and bedding. Do it all at the fraction of time and cost with higher quality outcome than most professional services.

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Introducing The world’s most advanced air filtration and home cleaning system. SRX rises above all others as the most effective versatile home cleaning solution available today. The true name for clean: Rainbow SRX.

The new era in home cleanliness is here with Rainbow SRX. The latest technology, the most innovative design, therefore the most powerful and effective rainbow system ever.

  • Forward-facing controls
  • Soft touch buttons
  • All-new brushless 4 speed performance mode.
  • More than 20 major design improvements over previous Rainbow models
  • Innovative new attachments
  • Meticulous craftsmanship
  • Advanced engineering
  • Over eighty years of experience as the world’s leading water-based cleaning system.

That’s what makes the Rainbow SRX stronger, lighter, easier to use and even more effective for cleaner homes, most noteworthy cleaner air and cleaner living. Asthma and allergy certified.

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