Free $99 RainMate

How do I get it?

Get your free* Rainbow Rainmate here. Sanitize – Aromatize your air. Rainbow RainMate is perfect companion for our Fresh Air sanitizing additive solution. It can sanitize a small area where you work or sleep. When booking a free delivery appointment please add “Fresh Air” in notes section. During delivery we will set up and show you how the Rainbow System Cleans and sanitizes the air. During the setup we will show you how to use it and properly clean, aromatize, sanitize the air in your entire house in under an hour.

How the RainMate Works?

Sized to sit on your desk, countertop or nightstand. RainMate utilizes pure, fresh water to circulate gently scented air into your home environment.

  1. Air flows into the swirling droplet water bath from your room
  2. Clean, fresh air returns to your room

Fragrance infused Air

The RainMate includes long-lasting LEDs which illuminate the swirling water bath, making it the perfect “nightlight.” Optional fragrances and air sanitizing additives starting as low as $9 will be available during delivery.

It has two different light settings – On and off. Pleasant hum is generated along with the fragrance-infused, recirculated air that it generates. Quiet water droplet sound makes it a wonderful night-time companion.

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*this is a limited time promotion. Limit of 1 per household with this offer. We require that all decision making household members would be present and available during our delivery visit. Available to Chicago and Suburb home owners, must be 21+ to qualify*