Rainbow Distributor

Welcome to Rainbow Distributor. We are an official Rainbow SRX distributor center serving Chicago and suburb area. Contact us for Rainbow Distributor programs. Enroll in order to qualify for a free Rainbow SRX™ System. Here you will be able to schedule product show. Receive service for your Rainbow vacuum and air filtration systems. Purchase genuine parts and supplies for your Rainbow. We also provide product and sales training to independent Rainbow dealers. To become an official independent Rainbow dealer start here.

Rainbow Sales

Purchase your OEM Rainbow Products directly through Official Rainbow Distributor. Receive manufacturer warranties and exclusive promotions available only through our sales agents. Rainbow products purchased online do not qualify warranties or support provided by the manufacturer. Our representatives provide free direct product support and customer training.

Rainbow Service

Authorized Rainbow Service is provided by factory trained representatives. Our Rainbow Distributor Service representatives are able to provide direct and in person service unparalleled to any online resource. Any and all service is warrantied. Unauthorized Rainbow service will in many cases use parts that are not genuine. You can have quality confidence when receiving service through us.

Distributor Level Training

We provide product training for our customers and staff alike. Receive official Rainbow SRX distributor level product training. Distributor level Training will increase efficiency of Rainbow product use. Boost your sales by increasing product knowledge and understanding. Contact us for any and all Rainbow related questions. Upon completion of your training you will qualify to enroll in free product programs and highly rewarding positions within our company.